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Hello, Salam, Marhaba, greetings, this is ANmar. I created this website in an effort to combine the countless different transliterations and spellings of traditional Arabic names (in particular, those most popular in Iraq.).
Just as "Mohammed", the most common name in the world, seems to have limitless possibilities in terms of spelling, many other Arabic names have multiple English counterparts.
In this database; you can find any Iraqi name, the gender its associated with, the English transliteration(s), links to wikipedia articles about the name, and an audio of its proper pronunciation (As an American). As well, you are free to add an Arabic name to be added into the archive.

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My name is ANmar (with Capital A and N), I live in state of Illinois, USA. I am originally from Iraq, born and raised there. I have worked a while back as a translator ... ... more
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