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Iraqi Names is an attempt to collect all Arabic names (Starting with Iraqi names) in one location with One standard transliteration to English.
During my work and journey of life changing from an Iraqi into an American, (and actually even years before that) I came across a lot of forms of English transliterations of a single Arabic (or Iraqi) name, especially when it is a classic name
Now I know it is hard, and that is why I am trying here to make it easy for any person with an Arabic-like name to see options on how to write that name in English
This actually bothered me a lot, I am kind of an Arabic enthusiest and hate when I see people writee anything wrong. Now names, this is very important.

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My name is ANmar (with Capital A and N), I live in state of Illinois, USA. I am originally from Iraq, born and raised there. I have worked a while back as a translator ... ... more
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